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Hmmmm.... How to explain myself after going for so long without a freakin' word in edgewise for over 6 months...?

I suppose the only real approach I can take is to start by explaining the image you see above.

What you're looking at is the cover image for the first issue of Wandering Trials, which is now on sale through the FurNation Online store! Click here to to find out more about it! :) And, hey, while you're at it, check out the other comics they've got available! I hear "Carpe Diem" is a pretty okay comic. ;)

Now, on to why you haven't heard from me in over 6 months... This is going to be an exceptionally long story. If you're not likely to pay attention, or if you don't really care, I suggest you move on to the last paragraph. The good news'll be listed there. ;)

Okay... shortly after my last update Gaby and I headed out to AC '04 (AnthroCon 2004, for those who've never heard of it before) to sell the first issue of her comic and to have some discussions with the publisher to see if they'd be interested in possibly bringing Wandering Trials to print as well. (Obviously, based on the aforementioned "first issue" news, they liked the idea.) And, as the weekend progressed, I went back over my options for the comic. See, I had the option of taking it to print based on the pre-existing material currently found here in the webcomic. Something that Gaby and Graveyard Greg did for their comic, and one that I was prepared to do in my case. But, when going over the material I'd produced over a year and a half's time I realized my art had changed fairly drastically. So, I felt maybe going back and redrawing some of the earlier art to fit my more current style wouldn't be a bad idea. But, if I was going to go to that kind of trouble, maybe re-writing certain parts of the story so they'd have a better flow wouldn't be too bad of an idea either.

By the time we were on our way back home after the 'Con, Gaby and I were discussing a completely re-written beginning for the comic. A completely different starting point. Without giving too much story away, we both agreed that the comic would flow better if it started immediately following the accident at the lab, where Karen's power first manifests and Eric awakens. The ensuing story, involving Karen's escape from the guards, and her eventual first meeting with Eric has been extended to better describe her situation. In a nutshell, that describes the first issue. You'll see familiar faces, and others you'll just have to wait and see. Suffice it to say, I still intend to use every bit of the story points and plot devices you've seen thus far in the webcomic. (However, the characters that make cameo appearances will not show up. At least at this time. I may reconsider, and ask for permission again. But, for now, no plans for that.) But, now with a bi-monthly (cross your fingers on that one... :P) format, and multiple pages within which to tell a full story, I have a better chance at giving you, the readers, a much fuller story with more depth and character development. It's all about the character development, people. ;)

Now, considering the fact that I'm taking this huge step in rewriting the story, I have to take into account a couple of things. I can opt to continue the webcomic and treat it as an alternate storyline from the print comic - trust me, I considered that option for a VERY long time. I'm sure a lot of people would have preferred I do that. Hell, I would've preferred I do that. The problem is that I know my limitations. ... Well, now I do at any rate. Shortly after AC '04 I discovered that I'm a type 2 diabetic. Long story how that came about, and that's not what I'm writing this all for. (Hey, I warned you this was gonna be a long story.)

After that little discovery, my priority shifted very quickly to regaining my health... and, quickly (a blood sugar count of 648 will do that to ya). So, after cutting myself off from all art chores for a month and a half, I finally started getting back to work very slowly on the first issue. It was at that point that I chose to do the print comic exclusively. There's simply no way I can work on a print exclusive comic, a separate weekly (sometimes) webcomic, sing in a band at least once or twice a week AND work a full-time job and maintain even a semblance of sanity. So, one of them had to go. If it's any consolation, the story really wasn't going much further in it's webcomic format. I was quickly writing myself into a corner with that dreamworld storyline, and stalling things by constantly bringing in new cameos was not making the story any more interesting in my mind. All the more reason for me to start from scratch, and rebuild the framework.

Finally, I want everyone to know that with the first issue done, the second issue is currently in the works (the plot for the 3rd issue has been worked out, but not put to script just yet). So, the intention is still there to create a story that you can all enjoy (and even possibly foresee in some cases ;)). Yes, it's true, I AM asking for money in order for people to read it now. But, it's a fairly cheap price for a 32-page story. Bi-monthly, at that! If you're curious, or you have questions, or anything along those lines, send 'em my way. :) The "Contact" link still works, y'know. :)

So, what's the good news..? Well, we'll be at AC '05! Signing comics, doing sketches and answering questions! If you wanna know more about your favorite horse dude, werewolf or magic lady, stop on by the FurNation table and I'll tell ya all about 'em! ;)


Adam "Pegasus316" Fullerton

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