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Here are a bunch of links to some of the comics that I read online! If you've got a comic you'd like me to link to, just send me an email with a banner or button graphic that you'd like me to use and I'll set it up at the next available update! :)

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Great art on this strip! I definitely recommend reading it when you get the chance. The characters are quite silly, but well-rounded.

Desperate Angels
This story is still fairly young. (Although, admittedly, I think they have more strips up than I do at the moment. But, we won't go there for my ego's sake, 'kay?) ;) There's a lot of potential for good storytelling with these characters. So, I would suggest checking it out if you're into Swords and Sorcery types of stories. :) The art is progressing quite nicely, too!

Definitely, one the best webcomics I have EVER read. The creator for this strip... I swear, I don't know how he does it. But, he manages to come up with a new strip for every day of the week! He's been at it for over three years now, and has already passed the 1000th strip. My suggestion is you start reading now. ;) There's a LOT to catch up with. But, if you're not one for reading archives, don't worry about it. It's hilarious all on it's own. ;)

I like the concept behind this one. Very enjoyable characters, all very diversely written. The team that works on this one does a very good job. And, you can see the art improve by leaps and bounds from one strip to the next. :) Definitely, a very entertaining read. :)

One of the many strips written by Graveyard Greg. This guy never stops, I swear. :P The premise is very interesting. A mysterious event causes about 1/10 of the world's population (made up completely of furries) to gain special powers of different types. Trouble follows very soon thereafter. Very intriguing. Very funny. Very cool. ;) Read it now! ;)

Another one by Graveyard Greg. Gaming Guardians is one of the best serialized action webcomics I've ever seen. The artist, WebTroll, is incredible. Never have such cartoonish characters come off as so real. A definite MUST-READ. :) (And, I'm not just sayin' that 'cuz I used to draw the off-shoot series, PowerGamers -- which you can find a link for there--, either.) ;P

Now, on the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum, J3T also does a comic all about three girls who work at a porn studio. This one's a definite "Mature Readers Only" type of comic. If you're under the age of 18, I wouldn't recommend reading it. If you're 18 or older, have a blast! ;) It's written by J3T's boyfriend, Luke and drawn by J3T. Enjoy!

Written and drawn by Jodi Tong (aka: J3T), this one's a very cute series about a set of triplets who were all separated at birth, and reunited several years later. Funny at times, heart-wrenching at others, and just plain sweet at others. This is a great strip all in all. :)

Heavy drama, very good art, and HORSES! Hey, how could I NOT link to this one?? ;) Great comic. :) If you like anthro horses, I recommend taking a look at this one. :)

Oh, like I could get away without linking to Tiffany Ross's comic! ;) By far, one of the busiest webcomic artists/creators out there today, she still manages to come up with intriguing and funny stories day after day. And, she's been at it for some time now! Read this one. NOW! ;)

Hunters Key - Because... well... Just because! ;)
This comic has some REALLY good writing and artwork. Very anime-influenced, and it's well executed at that! Check it out while it's still young, folks! I get the impression it's gonna take off fast. :)

Literally Speaking
I have to admit, I have not taken the chance to read through this comic entirely, yet. However, what I have seen has very good potential. :) Give it a read though! The art is progressing nicely, and the dynamic panelling that the artist is using makes for very interesting visuals/storytelling. Go check it out! :)

Pillars of Faith
Good art and a very interesting story to this one. Almost like "X-Files meets Buffy". ;) Not quite. But, almost. ;)

Snafu Comics
The story of two college guys, diggin' into gaming, movies and surviving the experience of their other two roommates -- the son of satan, and a happy young Christian. Oh, let the good times roll on. ;)

This has to be one of the more interesting concepts that I've heard about. :) Take characters that are usually portrayed solely as sex objects, put clothes on them, and then rarely even ALLUDE to sex! Not to mention the fact that this is a great little Sci/Fi story with a lot of plot twists and very interesting characters. :) Definitely a comic I would recommend. ;)

This one, as far as I can tell, is still fairly new. VERY interesting comic, featuring photos of various action figures (NOT all Star Wars, despite the obvious referrence in the title). It's an interactive flash comic with accompanying background music to help set the mood. Pretty interesting! Go check it out! :)
Story by D.A. and L. Graf. I've met Lia Graf before. She was a hell of an artist back then. :) She hasn't lost her artistic touch, that's for sure. ;) Great stuff in this comic. And, it's pretty entertaining to read. Kind of a mix of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Recommended. :)

Art and story by Xero Reynolds. Folks, if you want to see some quality work without having to pay for it, this is the site to check out. :) This guy's layout and use of computer coloring is absolutely phenominal! The writing is very well done, and the art ain't half bad, either! ;) I definitely recommend checking this site out at your earliest convenience. (That means now! Go, go, GO!) ;) Zebra Girl
If ever there were a comic deserving of attention by the masses at large, this would be one of them. The writing is absolutely top-notch. The artwork is incredible. One of the best parts about checking out this site are the weekly commentaries by the creator, Joe England. This guy's hilarious! Can't say I haven't wanted to say some of the stuff the he's said to his audience. ;) But, I always worry that people will think I'm serious. Guess he doesn't have such concerns. ;) Go read! NOW!

Definitely an interesting comic! I think more people should check this one out, personally. :) Very nice interaction between the characters and their creator. (Yep. It's a 4th wall comic.) ;) Go read!

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